Five Ways to Feel Magical Today

Geordie Bull

“The soul doesn’t necessarily benefit from long, hard work, or from fairness of any kind. It’s effects are achieved more with magic than effort.” – Thomas Moore

Life wasn’t meant to be fair. It was meant to feel magical.

Magic is the invisible but very real energy that influences every physical or experiential creation. It is in the intention you set before you take action and the quality of the energy you bring to it. It is the meaning you make out of ‘what happens’ to you, and how you venture forth. It is your ability to listen to the deep intuitive whispers that know and to act courageously from that place, secure in your own worth.

There’s a reason for the success of Harry Potter that goes beyond its storytelling brilliance. Harry’s is a make-believe world that hints at what we are on the precipice of creating for ourselves. His world isn’t fair or safe or secure or comfortable or perfect or shiny. But it is magical and that, my friend, is what our souls are craving.

We are all destined for a magical existence that is littered with everyday miracles, signs and synchronicities; a life where each thing we touch with our senses is imbued with significance, mystery and depth.

The old culturally sanctioned version of ‘success’ – a life crammed with shiny businesses, magazine-worthy homes and Insta-perfect family lives – is dying, and a new story of success is being born. We are birthing it ourselves, and it will serve us well. This version of success reveres depth and mystery. It accepts all and shuns no one. It respects the natural world that we are part of and builds flourishing communities made up of individual souls living their personal missions. This is happening now, and we are privileged to be part of it.

Here are 5 reminders (because deep down, you already know) that will guide you towards feeling magical today:

  1. Bow down to the ordinary. Infuse your morning walk with gratitude, relish the sensuality of your morning shower and look deep into the eyes of your child – really seeing them. Revering the stunning beauty of the ordinary, everyday aspects of life is the easiest way to feel magical.
  2. Delight in nature. Notice the changing tides, the pattern of birds flying above, the sun on the water. Be awed by huge waves crashing onto rocks, acknowledge that kookaburra on the roof as you hang the washing out. Be in community with nature, for the world around us is deeply magical.
  3. Experiment with mini-manifestations. Set intentions throughout your day that allow you to play with magic. My favourite is always, ‘the perfect parking space opens for me now.’ It has never let me down and always leaves me feeling magical.
  4. Love your people. One of the easiest ways to feel magical is to send a nice text to someone. It literally makes their day. Lighting up someone’s world, even for a millisecond, is incredibly magical.
  5. Create magical affirmations. Here are my personal favourites, the one’s that instantly make me feel bountiful: ‘I belong to this world’, ‘I am part of all this beauty’, ‘I am a magical, powerful creative force,’ ‘I bring beauty to this world.’

When you feel magical, you create magic.

Geordie x