Are you ready to expand what you believe is possible?

Mindset coaching is powerful

I know this, because I experienced one of the greatest transformations of my life through working with a coach.

From surviving to thriving

It’s hard to believe that, just three years ago, my life was dominated by parenting anxiety. One of our children was displaying significant behaviour problems and my husband and I were constantly arguing over our differing parenting styles. We existed in survival mode, entrenched in a life that felt increasingly chaotic and challenging.

The task of creating health and harmony in our family seemed insurmountable, yet I had a deep sense that there was a better way and I was willing to do the work to get there. While I’d resolved not to bring my kids up ‘the old way’, full of criticism, control and judgement, I also knew that I didn’t want to raise them to be entitled.

A new vision for my family

I held a vision of a middle road, an approach that would allow my husband and I to unite and parent our kids in a way that felt intuitively right, but I had no support for that vision. We finally hit rock bottom when it became clear that we had two choices: ‘Fix’ our kid’s behaviour by following mainstream advice (diagnosis and possible medication) or experiment with changing our own behaviour.

I’d read about the idea of conscious parenting but had no idea how to disentangle myself from the cycle of shame and blame. Thankfully, my mum found an online coach and I tentatively contacted her. From the minute we began working together, I felt seen, heard and supported. There was something magical about having a non-judgemental person holding space for me as I thrashed out my deepest fears and greatest longings, accessing wisdom I never knew I possessed along the way.

I began to believe in my vision of harmony and emotional health for my family, and to see evidence of it manifesting around me. I regularly checked in with my coach – celebrating my successes and setting new goals.

In the space of two years my husband and I have taken our family from dysfunctional to (relatively!) harmonious, learning skills along the way that have not only enhanced our experience of parenting but transformed our marriage. We have moved from surviving to thriving. It’s a beautiful place to be.

Life continues to throw up challenges and I have painful moments, days and even weeks, like everyone else. The difference is that I now have the skills to transform these inevitable challenges into gold. I also have my coach on speed dial to help me nut out a problem and access my intuitive wisdom swiftly. Coaching has been the best investment I ever made in my own self-care.

Because of the gifts coaching gave me, I now see it as part of my purpose to support you to shed the skin of beliefs that no longer serve you and step into you powerful, true self.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges within your relationships, parenting or work, have a specific goal you’d like to achieve or are feeling dissatisfaction or a longing for something you can’t define, I’m on your team.

It brings me joy to see you shine.

Here’s what I know for sure…

You already have the resources within you to create a beautiful, meaning-rich life. I can help you to identify and access them.

If you can imagine something better in any area of your life, you can create it -guaranteed.

You are fully capable of accessing your own deep wisdom. I don’t have the answers for you, but I can help them to find them within yourself.

Challenges are an invitation to grow. Developing and nurturing a healthy mindset allows you to transform pain and struggle into the gold of insight and wisdom.

Mindset coaching can help you…

Identify your deepest values and define a plan to prioritise them.

Access your intuitive wisdom, allowing you to find solutions to daily challenges.

Transform old beliefs that no longer serve you and replace them with new beliefs that match your vision.

Manifest your desires.

Become a more effective communicator – enhancing your relationships with others.

Develop a measurable plan for achieving specific goals.

Become a more authentic version of yourself, moving beyond fear and stepping into your genius!

How I Work…

I’m a qualified NLP practitioner who uses the phenomenal system of Neurolinguistic Programming as a way to maintain and elevate my own mental health and live a life that is congruent with my deepest values.

My coaching is informed by NLP – a system that is outcome and solution based rather than problem oriented. I love NLP because it offers a range of powerful processes and techniques that speak to the unconscious mind, often shifting patterns and old beliefs in a way that talk therapy cannot. This means that, if you’re willing to show up and do the work, you can expect results.

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