Geordie Bull

It’s the year 2020 and the world is a little quieter. 

I am a woman of almost 40 and there are laughter lines on my face. I love in a house in the bush near the ocean and wake with my family to the sun rising from the sea.

My husband built our home of timber with his own hands and we share it with our two children, a boy and a girl. 

We have few possessions but what we do have is beautiful and true and leaves room for the enjoyment of simple things like the sound of rain and lying between soft linen sheets. 

Our family celebrates community, creativity and kindness. Our currency is gratitude.

Our bodies are a reflection of the contents of our minds’ – love shines from our tanned faces as we work together in the garden and share food with our friends. 

When challenges arise we feel them, process them and grow from them. Our souls are always greater than they were yesterday.

I speak mostly what is beautiful and true. I feel a quietness in the place where my words arise from. Sometimes I speak in hugs and kisses smiles that reach all the way up to my eyes.

All are comfortable and welcome in our home, for we have all we need, and more. 

I have a tribe of supportive women who lift each other up and celebrate each other’s successes – steeped in ritual, cups of tea and tears that flow as readily as hugs are given.

My work, my business, is being myself. I share what is beautiful, true and useful for me with the world and my work finds its way to whoever needs it. Money flows to me with ease and I welcome it with open, grateful arms and use it mindfully, supporting others who are in the business of living their truth. 

I love money and appreciate the power it affords me to affect the world positively. 

My gift to the world is my imagination, creativity and love for what I do. I feel deep satisfaction in being aided by a force that is greater than myself. I collaborate with spirit and with people who inspire me. 

As a parent, my work is to step out of my children’s way and let them be who they came to this earth to be. They grow unencumbered by my unspoken expectations. They are free to try and fail and try again – and still I will be here for them with arms outstretched. My love for them is as big as the universe and I watch them blossom, protecting and nurturing them. 

As a wife, I trust that my man is on his own path of evolution. His work is different to mine. His dreams and goals and gifts to the world are his own. We grow beside each other, always supporting, always lifting each other up. Our love is the snuggle at the end of the day, the proud glances, the locked eyes across a crowded room. Our love is all that we have shared – the tough conversations, the adventures, the tender moments – and all that we will always share – our love for our children and the knowledge that we are so much more together than we ever were apart.

It’s the year 2020 and here is the world as I see it: Humanity is waking up from a deep slumber. The majority of people have a spiritual practice that informs their way of life. We are kind to each other by default. Trust is a way of being. 

The hurt souls of the world are supported into healing paths. They emerge from their healing journeys so much richer than when they left, able to offer their gifts to the world.

Trees and vegetables are planted on every street in every city and town and people meet and greet each other as they pick nurturing food for their families.

Each individual is supported to grow a business that springs from their heart’s desire. Thus, everyone contributes their beauty and truth to the world and meets their survival needs by simply being themselves.

So, the world is a little quieter, a little softer. As we slow down, nature regenerates and we find ourselves back in the Garden of Eden. Our souls show the joy of innocence with the deep beauty of experience and the gratitude for our chance to be alive now, in what will forever be known as the time of awakening.

This is the world I choose to see. Now.

What magical world do you choose to imagine?

Geordie x