Each one of us has a story to tell. Here’s a version of mine…

Geordie Bull

My calling to learn the powerful modality of NLP came after I experienced serious parenting challenges. While I’d read reams of self-development and parenting books and strove to do my best as a mum every single day, I struggled with constant mum-guilt and anxiety. No matter how much information I consumed about how to parent, I never felt good enough, and my kids’ behaviour often reflected this. They didn’t respect me because I didn’t respect me. But I couldn’t figure out why.

I knew that my struggles had nothing to do with ignorance – there wasn’t a parenting book out there I hadn’t read! The anxiety and unworthiness I had around parenting ran deep, and I knew I needed help to address it. I found a parenting coach and began working with her on the deep rooted beliefs that were simmering below my anxiety and overwhelm, and magical things started to happen.

Within weeks, my kids’ behaviour dramatically improved, my husband began to do some inner work on himself and our home started to feel harmonious. Fast forward to now and the chaos and survival mode that dominated our family life for years is a distant memory. I find myself experiencing my vision of co-operation, harmony and warmth in our home.

During this time, I became fascinated with how the processes I was doing with my parenting coach worked. I was no stranger to self -help and had studied yoga, seen counsellors, learned meditation, EFT, breath work and more….yet these processes that I was doing seemed to work faster and more magically than anything else I’d tried. My coach explained NLP and I began an investigation that led to an obsession which led to me studying to become a practitioner and offering these processes to others. I simply couldn’t help but share something that had produced such a dramatic outcome in my life!

I discovered that almost anything can be changed if you pull it up by the roots – something that NLP facilitates beautifully. I now get excited when I feel triggered or notice a crappy pattern or habit, because I know awareness is the first step to shifting it. And it will be shifted.

More about me:

  • I love to surf and live in the surfing paradise of Crescent Head – a dream!
  • I once walked 780km on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, alone, in the snow
  • We have a kelpie, a cavalier and six chooks
  • I love to paint and have been taking on art commissions since I was in high school
  • I’m also trained as a journalist and have written for newspapers and magazines all my adult life (One of my many dreams is to start a magazine that prints good news stories and interviews amazing people like my favourite mag Dumbo Feather)
  • I really like cake and coffee
  • I’m an introvert who loves deep, rambling conversations

Want to chat about booking a transformational NLP session with me? Get in touch on 0467597407 or hello@geordiebull.com.au