New World Skills

Geordie Bull

I’m feeling like we’re entering a new age that is calling us to step up both collectively and individually. A new era. An evolutionary leap. A time that calls for new values and the development of fresh skills.

When I was growing up in the eighties and nineties, the life-skills in demand were competitiveness, individualism, the ability to mask feelings and slap on a happy face and shallow success (think power suits and ruthless business meetings).  Hard work and effort were seen as the only ways to get ahead of the pack and numbing was all the rage. None of these skills came easily to me, which is why I’m pleased to intuit and align with the emerging skills needed for a brand spanking new world.

These skills are about promoting co-operation over competition, depth over shallow success, creativity over logic. The ability to feel is now a gift, surrendering is anything but a weakness and aligning with a greater power is necessary. Creativity and play are becoming as important as logic and analysis and courage is about, as the Barefoot Investor says, “treading your own path”.

Here are the skills that are worth honing to be part of a new chapter of human evolution. Let’s use our journal practice to become powerful in these areas:


  1. FEEL

 In the world that is emerging, ‘feeling’ and answer or solution will become equally, if not more important, than thinking about it. Anyone who knows the feeling of following their intuition (or ignoring it – to their detriment) can understand how important it is to learn the language of intuition and how it speaks through feeling.

We’ve been taught to numb our feelings for so long that it’s a job getting back in touch with them. But we absolutely have to, because our feelings point to our truth, let us know when we’re deceiving ourselves and allow us to be guided by a higher power. We also need to be courageous enough to feel our feelings if we want to transform old stories (through shadow work) and write new stories that create a better world.



 Intending is about living life on purpose and setting meaningful goals – both small and large – that align with the natural laws of life and the emerging consciousness. Intentions are a way of telling the universe that you’re ready to co-create and work magic.

The minute you start setting intentions, you become the artist of your own life, minute by minute defining how you will paint your highest values – be they family, kindness, health, balance, creativity – into your day so they become the beautiful habits that provide scaffolding for a magical life.

In the new world, intentions are everything.


  1. ALLOW

 The concept of allowing and surrendering really goes against the grain of the old ‘work hard and reap the rewards’ mantra of the eighties. Allowing doesn’t mean that you sit back and do nothing, but it does invite a more trusting energy into manifesting your goals – held up by the belief that you are co-creating with the universe, not pushing through the infinite obstacles presented by an unfriendly world.

I never really embodied the idea of surrender until I gave birth naturally. After doing all the preparation I could, there came a point in the birth process where I had to surrender to the painful process of giving birth, and when I did, everything got easier. Just like in labour, forcing and pushing your mental agenda leads to burn out and stubbornness, whereas allowing invites a softer energy that ‘allows’ more good than you could possibly imagine into your life, via a generous universe that wants the best for everyone.



We all know the famous Einstein quote, “Imagination is more important that knowledge” but how many of us work daily to exercise our imagination muscles? I believe imagination is THE most important skill to master in creating a new and more beautiful world. Think about it; every luxury and convenience we enjoy has come from somebody’s vast imagination – aeroplanes, the internet, you name it – it was all dreamed up in someone’s mind before it became ‘possible’ on the material plane.

Imagination is about playing with the boundaries between the possible and impossible. This is my number one journal practice and the basis for all the magic I have every created in my life.


  1. PLAY

Play feels like doing nothing, right? You’re not achieving anything or ticking of any lists. But play is an integral new world skill because it facilitates creativity, intuition and surrender. Play is not a thing, but a way of being. Steve Jobs was playing. Einstein was playing. It’s about bringing a fun mentality to whatever you’re doing to eliminate the perfectionism and fear of failure that keeps you small.


Here’s how I’m working with play to form a fun relationship with money.



The skill it takes to deeply listen, first to your own inner whispers, and then to other, is extremely underrated in our society. I know that listening is a key skill in the emerging world because I have seen the magic and healing that happen when people feel heard in my own relationships. Ten minutes of listening deeply to someone you love can mitigate years of ill-will, misunderstanding and bad energy – it’s that powerful. Imagine the mental health implications if people learned how to effectively and deeply listen to someone who is deep in depression or anxiety? The current challenges facing us call us to cooperate rather than compete. I believe learning to listen is the beginning of a cooperative world.

You can use your journal to hone this skill. Here’s how.



Try as we may, we can’t dodge our inner child. In the emerging world, I believe our primary ‘work’ will be re-parenting our inner child through practices that draw us into our pain rather than keep us running form it. In my experience, everything can be transcended if it is bought into the light and faced head on (though I recommend reaching for support whilst doing so). Imagine a world where everyone is supported to do the brave work of feeling their pain, examining their deep triggers and, finally, re-wiring their brains to reprogram themselves healthy beliefs?

Journal writing is a really effective tool for becoming comfortable with working with your inner child. Here, I share my primary practice for re-parenting my inner child.



You may be diligent in eating nutritious foods and exercising your body, but how well do you tend your creative yearnings? I grew up feeling like my creative energy was a force to be squashed in favour of more productive pursuits. Then I noticed that, the more I ignored my creative impulses, the sicker and more anxious I became. I then elevated creative practice to become one of my highest values, and have since enjoyed a better relationship to myself and a deep sense of joy, wonder and curiousity. I believe the soul speaks through creativity. I’m also aware that in the emerging world, creativity will be a highly prized skill – because robots aren’t that creative!

Journal writing is a creative process in itself. Here are some ideas for inviting more creative energy into your practice, and your life.

Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine what your life could look like as a result of mastering these skills. Then visualise what our earth could look like if we all harnessed these skills. Now is the time to create a more beautiful world. Let’s dive into it together.