Why it Pays to do the Inner Work First

Geordie Bull

Go within first, act later

While hustle, hard work and grinding can eventually bring a kind of success, there is an easier way to get what you want that takes less of a toll on the body and soul: doing the inner work first. To truly know yourself is to be completely empowered.

The universe sits up and takes notice when you bravely turn your gaze inward. This is where the magic happens. Doing the inner work is the real secret. The more you grow comfortable with conversing with your inner self, the faster you will manifest external things because it allows you to detect the flawed beliefs that are blocking you.

Thus, your magical true self emerges from the ashes of old beliefs, dusted in glitter and sprouting wings.

It can be hard to get used to prioritising inner work if you haven’t grown up in a belief system where reflection and contemplation are seen worthwhile activities. When I was a kid, I thought there was something wrong with me if I wasn’t out ‘doing’ every second of the day, because that was the dominant message in my culture. Anything reflective was thought to be a form of idleness, something to be ashamed of. In my experience as an adult, the opposite is true.

Prioritising time to go within is how you contact a source of information and energy that is greater than yourself.  This source of energy is what imbues actions with magic and makes all resulting action flow with a sense of ease and grace.

How to prioritise inner work

You begin this work every time you make the choice to stop the world and get off, to shut the door and ask your highest self what to do next. It requires that first, you change your perception of time well spent and trust that time communing with your sacred self will reap untold benefits, providing clarity, easing anxiety and allowing you to tap into your vast well of creativity.

Inner work can be a steadfast dedication to any practice that draws you in to commune with your highest self. After an extensive search, journaling and meditation have been the most useful to me. Think of practicing these things as a valuable occupation. ‘I’m going to work now’, you can say to yourself as you sit for meditation or open your journal, though work will begin to feel like pleasure when you taste the deliciousness of hitting an insight in your journal or leaning into the quiet dark of meditation.

Inner work = magic

Inner work will quickly convince you that life is magical. Just writing in my journal cheers me up and makes me feel like my own wise best friend. Never before has this practice let me down. On its pages, my best self is revealed to me: The wise woman, the poet, the visionary. It is the voice in my journal that has imbued me with the gift of avoiding many potential disasters in life. It is she who has made this highly-sensitive soul truly resilient. By accessing my highest self through inner work I have been able to feel the fear and do it anyway – creating a life filled with things that truly matter to me.

To do the inner work is to know yourself.

Begin today by picking up your journal and asking your highest, wisest self what she has to tell you.

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