I’ve always kept my drawings, poems and musings a secret, piled in notebooks and stashed in cupboards all over my house. While I still find value in a private journal practice, I also feel called to share some of the contents in these journals.  If any of the words or illustrations  I share allows you to feel less alone and more uplifted, inspired, seen, curious or validated, than it’s worth it. And, to be honest, I’ve been yearning to talk about this stuff for years, and can no longer ignore the call for fear of what ‘other people’ might think. The time to be brave is now!

I also encourage you to experiment with your own journalling practice, and share journalling tools for:

  • Gaining deep clarity
  • Setting goals with soul and manifesting them with ease (read the story I wrote on this for Wellbeing Magazine)
  • Accessing your deep, wise intuitive self
  • Beginning a courageous relationship with your inner child
  • Alchemising anxiety and turn it into art
  • Tracking and work with natural cycles
  • Building your imagination muscles
  • Deepening your emotional intelligence
  • Changing old stories and reprogramming

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There has never been a better time to expand what you believe is possible and create from a soul level.

Let’s do this together.


I’m Geordie, a journalist, creative writer and illustrator. This is my online home – a place to explore and share what I’m curious about and what I’m creating..

I’ve been writing and drawing since I was a shy eight-year-old sporting a bad haircut and a set of Derwent colours, and have been lucky enough to make my passion my profession through journalism and copywriting. While I’ve established a healthy freelance business that allows me to work from home and hang with my husband and two beautiful kids, it’s my private art journal practice that really lights me up.  These trusty notebooks have literally saved my life; they’ve helped me manage anxiety, they’ve given me a way to access deep wounds and change old patterns and, best of all, they’ve helped me manifest the beautiful life that I dreamed of as a child. And it just keeps getting better.