i’m a journalist, copywriter and idealist who believes in the magical power of words.

I’m convinced that the world needs the unique gifts you can offer. Whether you’re an accountant, big business owner or a baker, there is no one exactly like you – and it’s my job to create written content that draws a line straight from your heart to your tribe.

It all begins over a cuppa and a chat. By the end of session, you will walk away with the words to describe how your product or service is lighting the world on fire (or at least keeping your customers coming back for more).

I can write content for your website, newsletter, blog or anything else we can dream up together. I can do this from scratch or I can proof read and tidy up what you’ve already written. 

Maybe you love writing but don’t have time to pump out a blog post each week?
I can help.

Perhaps you’re more of a hands-on type who wants to get on with running your business and leave the wordy stuff to someone else?
I can help.

Or maybe you just need a little clarity and someone to bounce ideas off and proofread your marketing copy.

If it involves words, I can help. And I’d love to.

Let’s work together to define your message, refine your content and attract a tribe around your brand.

The world is waiting to hear from you.


About Me

I was nervous about bundling my professional services and the writing I do around health and wellbeing into one website.

But then I asked, ‘why the hell not?’ The 80’s are gone and we no longer need to have two separate selves; one shoulder-padded up for the office and the other secretly meditating and reading self-development books. It’s all me, and I want to show up as I am, ready to be a professional writer and contribute to important conversations around health, wellbeing, creativity, purpose and motherhood.

I stand with legions of small business owners when I say that short, punchy bios suck to write (even for writers), but here goes….

I am a journalist + copywriter + mother of two + wife who has been hell-bent on personal and spiritual development since Susan Jeffers’ Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway changed my life in grade three. Writing is not just my business, it’s my number one tool for transformation. It’s how I converse with the wise part of myself and how I purge anxious thoughts and  create magic in my life. I feel #blessed to call writing a friend and ally.

Since I completed my degree in communications a long while ago, my work has been featured in magazines, newspapers and online journals. As a copywriter, I’ve written visitor guides, tourism brochures, created copy for numerous websites and crafted social media posts. So, you know I love to write. Here are some more things that I love:

– Being a mum. No one pretends it’s easy, but motherhood brings so much richness, laughter and purpose to my life. Just one beautiful moment with my kids is worth a thousand challenges. Ditto to being a wife.

– Living in the paradise that is Crescent Head. Great waves, glorious weather, an amazing community and waking up to the sound of birds keeps me feeling grateful every day.

– Surfing, yoga and meditation. Other than writing, these are the anchors I use to keep me grounded and prevent me drifting off into Insta-reality.

– Reading. I’m a certified life-long learner and enjoy a book-induced epiphany at least once a week.

– Adventuring. Like lots of people, I travelled a lot before I had kids. Now, our family has mini-adventures, exploring the wondrous corners of the Mid North Coast and beyond. I also like to plan the odd life-changing hike.

Here are some things I believe:

– That our ‘real’ work is to  stay in alignment with our highest selves (the rest will take care of itself).

– Imagination is a powerful and underutilised tool that can be accessed through writing.

– There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to health (or anything, for that matter). Our job is to tune into what’s right for us. Also, exercise for fun and eat food that tastes good, with people you love.

– All of us are equal, and all of us are a gift to the world. We need only identify the treasures within us and let them loose. Our tribe will find us.

– That children are our most powerful spiritual teachers and parenting is the ultimate opportunity to evolve.

My dream is for each one of us to have a website that reflects exactly who we are, in all our contradictory glory.  This is that website for me.

Read about my journalism and copywriting services here. I’d love to work with you to bring your message to the world with clarity and integrity.

Check out my blog for articles on the things that light up my world: motherhood, creativity, imagination, good living, true wellness and more.

Thanks for being here!


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